Fostering Global Connections in Medicine


In February and March 2024, Lilian Ebner, a recent graduate from the Medical University of Vienna, undertook a two-month Max Kade Clinical Clerkship at Children’s National Hospital/ George Washington University in Washington, DC. The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship is a bilateral exchange program for medical students in Austria and the US in their last year of studies. The program offers the possibility to spend up to two months of rotations at one of the partner instititutions of the American Austrian Foundation in Austria and the US and is co-funded by the Max Kade Foundation and the American Austrian Foundation.

Lilian shares her clinical and research experiences from her time in the US:

“My time at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, was split between clinical and research rotations, providing a comprehensive experience of the healthcare system in the US. During my clinical rotation, a lot of emphasis was placed on aligning my rotation with my personal goals, which allowed me to gain experience in pediatric GI, movement disorders, and developmental pediatrics. I engaged in both outpatient clinic and inpatient settings. During inpatient rotation, I was assigned my own patients to follow, which involved pre-rounding and presenting my assessment and treatment plan during rounds. There was a strong emphasis on teaching, and everyone enjoyed integrating it into daily practice. My day began at 6:00 AM for inpatient and 8:30 AM for clinic, usually leaving around 4-5 PM. In my research rotation, I participated in a Pediatric Neurogenetic research project, where my supervisor encouraged me to actively contribute and implement my own ideas, which was a good experience. The incredibly welcoming staff and peers at Children’s National Hospital enhanced my many learning opportunities, contributing to a great overall experience.”

Lilian reflects on her experience, saying, “As an international medical student, I had the invaluable opportunity to experience first-hand diverse medical practices and build international connections. I firmly believe in the importance of fostering global connections to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and advance the medical field on a global scale.”

We are now accepting applications for Max Kade Clinical Clerkships in 2025. The deadline for medical students from Austria is May 31, 2024. Medical students from the US can apply until September 1, 2024. More information can be found here.