Max Kade Clinical Clerkship

A one-month clinical exchange program for Austrian and American medical students. 

A Clinical Clerkships Program

The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship Program, jointly founded by the American Austrian Foundation and the Max Kade Foundation, offers a one-month clinical rotation in Austria for American fourth year medical students or in the United States for Austrian medical students in their final year of study. The program  introduces the students to a different patient population, healthcare system, language and culture. 

"The Max Kade Fellowship gave us a rare opportunity to experience a different healthcare system and patient population, as well as immerse ourselves in Austrian culture and everyday life. Every such opportunity to broaden our horizons is valuable in creating empathetic and competent future physicians."
Tammy Tarhini
Max Kade Fellow

American Students

American students may participate during their fourth year of study. Rotations in Austria differ from the U.S., as they are largely unstructured and require students to take more initiative to communicate with doctors and residents. In addition to the daily rotation, the clerkship offers a lively social program, including meetings with our Open Medical Institute observers – physicians practicing in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, who are invited for clinical or research observerships in Austria. This allows students to learn about healthcare not only in Austria, but also in low-income countries.

The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship provides a travel stipend, pocket money, as well as accommodation during a one-month rotation in Vienna, Austria. The fellowship does not cover meals or incidental expenses. If you plan to travel on weekends, you should have personal funds available.

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Austrian Students

The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship Program in the U.S. offers Austrian medical students in their final year of study, the possibility to experience first-hand how medicine is practiced at leading American medical schools. Anglo-American didactics differ significantly from the teaching methods at Austrian universities, providing students with a new perspective on medical education and learning methods. The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship provides a travel stipend and organizes the clinical rotation at the host institutions listed below. Students must cover all additional expenses themselves. 

George Washington University

School of Medicine and Health Sciences, in Washington, D.C.

University of Pennsylvania

Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia.


Weill Cornell Medicine and its affiliated hospitals in New York City.