The American Austrian Foundation

Bridging the Gap through Knowledge Transfer & Experience Exchange in Medicine, Culture & Media

America and Austria Building a Better Future

The American Austrian Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that seeks to bridge the knowledge gap by providing qualified individuals with fellowships to pursue postgraduate education in medicine, media, and the arts. The American Austrian Foundation’s programs, initially bilateral exchanges, have grown to include participants from more than 130 countries worldwide. The American Austrian Foundation conducts its own programs and oversees joint programs with American, Austrian, and international organizations.


The American Austrian Foundation conducts a broad range of programs in medicine. Participation, whether in a bilateral exchange or an international seminar, is through an open competition and by invitation only.


The American Austrian Foundation's cultural programs provide students from outstanding American universities the opportunity to spend up to one month at a leading Austrian institution to further improve their skills.


The American Austrian Foundation's media programs explore the relationship between journalism and diplomacy in the context of a continually changing political, economic and social landscape.

Foundation News

In our news section you will find updates about our worldwide initiatives in the fields of medicine, culture and journalism.